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    Sand shelf for mudskippers

    I currently have a 55g long tank set up with 3 mudskippers, mollies and swordtails(in brackish water of course) the tank is about a 1/3rd full for the fish, i just switched from gravel to sand and am trying to find an easy was of making a sandy beach without having half the tank built up with sand so that he fish will still have the room that i would like them to have. I was thinking of getting a glass piece cut with a slight lip and siliconing it to the tank, then filling it with sand, altho i am uncertain as to whther this will be a good idea as sand can be quite heavy. Anyone have any ideas???

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    build a beach with legos?

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    Use that grid material from the lighting section from the harware store, zip tie to a frame of pvc. use sealing foam to cover grid and sqrinkle sand over the foam to get that beach look?
    You might be able to get some ideas from riparium supply
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    yeah, I would either use egg crate to build a false bottom, and then build it up to hold your sand, or I'd just use spray foam to hold larger rocks and sand in place. I wouldn't use a glass shelf myself.

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