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Thread: Cichlid feeding

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    Cichlid feeding

    I currently feed my pair of electric yellow cichlids 2 times a day... Once in the morning when I get up(usually 8-9 am) and once before bed(usually 10-11 pm). Since it's kind of a long time between feedings should i feed them again in the middle of the day or will they be ok on the schedule they are on now?
    Since this is my first time keeping cichlids i want to get everything right, so this probly sounds like im paranoid!

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    I'm new as well... I feed My cichlids one time every other day. Sat or sun I would give them a big treat.

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    The feeding really just depends on a lot of factors. I personally feed my africans in my 75 gallon twice a day if I can because they are still growing. I feed them New Life spectrum first in the evening(around 10am) and then I feed a mix of frozen blood worms and Mysis shrimp at around 8pm

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    I feed my Tanganyikan tank three times a day now and I am doing water changes to try to promote breeding. Seems to have helped in the past.. But generally, you dont need to feed them more than once a day.
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