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    Ricky, how's your oranda? I hope feeling well and looking much better. Please give us an update.

    Somer, you cracked me up, lol. I was sure that you didn't do a taste test on that stuff.
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    Lol. Thanks, Anne. No expert here, I've had far more failures with fancies than successes. That's super sweet of you, though.

    Mel, they seem to be doing a lot better since the quick cure treatment. I've also had to switch them to a gel and frozen food only diet, as the big oranda pooped one of the largest bubbles I've ever seen after being fed saki for a couple days. There is still some occasional lingering lethargy, however, so I'm still keeping a very close eye on them. Thanks again for everyone's help!
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    So glad to hear they're doing better

    I guess yours are especially delicate, but I've always had good luck feeding Omega One veggie rounds to my black moors...they have some of the highest concentrations of vegetable I've seen in an algae wafer. Ingredients are listed here:

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