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    I am really sort for posting this on here but i have no idea how to post my own thing... I noticed somebody said something about how their favorite fish is a rope fish.. I just so happen to have one... I got a new rope fish about a year or 2 ago. He was the second one i had. He started out living with a frog and they loved each other. after about 6 months later i got a Thai Eel to go with him. And they also took very good to each other. My frog, however, died a little while later. I am not sure why he died. He started bubbling up and just died. I took him to the local pet store.(There is only one close to me) and he said the frog was just sick and the fish couldn't get it. I started out feeding them krill. But the local fish store ran out and they wouldn't eat nothing but bloodworms. I went on Christmas Vacation and had my brother feed my fish for me. He fed them krill. I have noticed now that no matter what i feed them (For about 2 weeks) my Eel and Rope Fish weren't eating. About 3 days ago.. My Thai Eel died. So I am super worried about my rope fish. He seemed to be doing okay (minus the eating) until I looked in there the day before yesterday and noticed he has 2 gray spots on him one was his fin. the other is his eye (i think he may be blind in one eye now) He has always hung out next to the heater since i got him. And i know its not heater burns.. He has oxygen. and I get my water tested often. Even when i add water. I use filtered water and I let it sit our for at least 24 hours. I thought he was dead yesterday and I moved him a little with the net. After he didn't move I went to scoop him out and he miraculously started moving again. Does anybody have advice for me?? BecauseI don't want him to die. I love him a lot.

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    What are your water parameters?

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    My favorites are:
    All oddballs and cichlid

    I want....
    A huge tank with a
    Fire eel
    FW stingray
    Black ghost kinfe

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