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    I'm blown away by the fact that the Oscar hasn't eatten the lil buggers yet!! But you have some beautiful ram. I personally only have a pair of German blues

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    Did these guys ever make it???
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    sorry i didn't post any updates. the eggs were all gone the next morning so i think one of the plecos had a nice caviar snack throughout the night. a few days ago i had a scare and thought i lost my alpha male ram (the one that bred). i found half the body of a whitish colored fish being chomped on by the L001 and when i couldn't find all 5 rams i thought it was him. the next day when i was looking at the tank i was surprised to see all of the rams and realized the dead fish must have been one of the lemon tetras, not sure why it died but i'll have to go pick up a replacement.

    thanks for all the compliments on the rams, i don't know if i got lucky with the batch of rams but all 5 are extremely colorful. i also exclusively feed all my fish new life spectrum foods which keeps them very healthy and colorful. i also think that may be one of the reasons the oscar doesn't devour the smaller fish anymore like he did when smaller.

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    I've had fry swimming in my 55 gal community tank. They spawn less than a week after the last fry has been eaten so far. Nice pics.

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    I've had success w/ my germans but never w/ my bolivians! I def have a pair that (pretty sure) layed once up in a log but otherwise don't really have interest in each other anymore. I bought from the dreaded Petsfart only bc they really looked like they were guarding in the store tank (watched for like 20 mins before purchase =p) Curious on ph/temp? Any other tip/tricks/hints you think may have helped yours lay.
    CONGRATS! Beautiful fish (and really like ur Severum too! =))

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