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    small indoor pond

    I am building a very unique vivarium/terrarium/pond in my house. I have the lizard and dart frog set-ups pretty well dialed, but turtles and ponds are new to me. as I am about to start the building process on the structure, I was hoping I might get some advice or tips from people out here who have indoor ponds. I am curious if it would be better to go with a preform, or to build one myself. also, if I only intend on having a few fish and some turtles what type of pump will I need for filtering. hoping to gain some first hand knowlege, thanks in advance
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    go with a rubbermaid stock tank and get a pond pump filter etc.. you can always build around the tank to make it look nice... I attached some flat glass to bottom with aquarium silcone and suction me heaters etc to it...
    also look up diamondback terrapins ... you wont be dissapointed.

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