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    Brown algee in brackish tank?

    I'm having problems with brown algee in my brackish tank, is there any kind of algee eater I can get for this? My salinity level is 1.008, I have two 30-60 hang ons, but my light is not a T-5 could this be my problem?

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    Other than a small brackish tank I had when i was young I don't have much experience but maybe this will help...

    Brackish water habitats teem with invertebrates, but surprisingly few are traded within the fishkeeping hobby. Among the most notable are snails and hermit crabs. True brackish water nerite snails include the olive nerite (Vitta usnea), the Virginia nerite (Neritina virginea), and the zebra nerite (Puperita pupa). Though often sold as freshwater snails, they will in fact do much better in brackish water, ideally between SG 1.005 and full strength seawater. There are a variety of true freshwater nerites sold (mostly unidentified) and while they won't tolerate high levels of salinity, they will probably do well in low salinity brackish water (SG 1.005 or less). Nerites are excellent algae eaters, and the zebra nerite in particular is one of the few snails that seems happy to eat blue-green algae. Malayan livebearing snails (Melanoides tuberculata) also do well in brackish water, up to about half-strength seawater (SG 1.010 or less). The less frequently traded West African snail Pachymelania byronensis is another brackish water snail, though in this case the specific gravity should be below SG 1.005. Generally speaking, the popular apple snails do not do well in brackish water, and nor do things like pond snails.

    Aside from snails and hermits I would look to your lighting and the age of the bulbs as well as excess nutrients (source water, overfeeding, too many fish, etc.).

    What is a 30-60 hang on? Are those filters?
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    How old is the tank?

    Diatoms is very common in newly setup tanks, even brackish tanks AFAIK.
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