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    Bumblebee cats pregnant?

    I just noticed a few days ago that one of my bumble bee cats is starting to get a belly on it. At first I just thought that my husband was sneaking them extra meals and that this fish was a little piggy. But its been a few days and the catfish is getting a bigger belly and I think she may be pregnant. If she is going to have babies what can I do in preparation? The tank is a 29 gallon community tank. I have it the 2 bumblebee cats, a dojo loach, 3 long fin zebra danios, 2 albino bards, 1 moss green barb, 3 neons, a 2 inch bamboo shrimp and a small common pleco. The tank has been set up for a little over a year, there are a lot of plants for hiding and 2 small caves. I would usually move the pregnant fish to another tank but I only just set up a tiny tank today and I don't want to move the mom into a tank that hasn't cycled. Could I keep mom in a baby net? or would being to high up in the tank freak her out? I just moved some wolf grass close to the rocks where she spends most of her time in an attempt to give the fry shelter. I've attached a picture of my tank.
    Thanks for the help everyone.
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    Bumblebee cats are egglayers. They have been spawned a few times in aquariums, but not very often. I wouldn't worry about it, if they do spawn they'll probably guard the eggs/fry at least for a while. Then the barbs and dojo oach will probably pick them off after they're free-swimming anyway.
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    Catfish eat, a lot. It is very common that they develop huge bellies.
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