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    OMG.......... that's all I can say.

    Reptileguy I'm sorry for you, but even feel more sorry for the people who's tanks you take care of. I'm very surprised that mods even have let this thread go this far, so much miss information, not good for the hobby. Glad to see some Discus people jumped in.

    I'm not going to waste more time on this all, let's enjoy a Discus movie to have at least something good in this whole thread and bro believe me, those Discus are not pampered. turn the sound down lol lol

    I've changed the Discus World.

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    this thread has MORE than run its course. Its unfortunate I have been sick or it never would have gotten this far.

    I hope any who read it are able to pick out the gems from the experienced hobbyists, and breeders, found within.

    I would have hoped my earlier posts and redirects would have been enough. I am disappointed. Thread closed

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