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    Well with fish there is never a definite but it is very likely. Just make sure they are the same species. It helps to get young clowns as well. I find it helps to get one that is a little bigger than the other as well. That way there won't be as much fighting when they work out who will be female and who will be male.

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    ^ yep! Either one larger and one smaller or two juveniles. There will be bickering unless they are already paired up and even then they will argue now and then .

    Exception to the same species are Percula and Ocellaris. Percs and Ocs will pair up just fine.
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    Hey guys. Things have been going great. I've had no casualties from my CUC yet (knock on wood), and the clowns I picked up two weeks ago are sweet as well! I've picked up a few frags over the past couple of weeks, including some zoas, a Euphyllia frag, and a candy cane. What I came to ask you guys if the little brown thing growing on the skeleton in the above picture is majano or not. If it is, that means I didn't do a good enough job manually removing it before I put the candy cane in last week. It was gone until yesterday, where I noticed something growing in the exact same spot that I was plucking from last weekend. Do you guys think this is the majano coming back or is this a part of the coral? I'm not too knowledgeable about how things grow yet in reefs :P so would someone please inform me whether or not I can take out the candy cane for a few minutes to make sure I remove every fragment of the majano this time, if that's what it is? Thanks a lot! You've all been a great help over the past weeks.
    - Dave

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