Thanks all for the comments. Mr. T. is doing great, fat as a
Keeps his pace in growing, he should be hitting 150cm in the next couple of months.
Tilapia problem solved itself a bit and I helped a bit.
Put in some Peacock bass, 4 of them. They where about 15cm at the time. Only see 2 now, but hard to spot them right now because the sun does not hit the whole pond during winter-time. The ones I spot are now around 25cm, they emptied the pond of small fish within a week or so, now putting in a couple of hundred feeders a month just to keep them happy.
I also had 1 day where suddenly a whole lot of Tilapia went belly up. All other fish where just fine, swimming, eating, chasing each other. Only Tilapia affected so my best guess is inbreeding or some virus. Mostly large Tilapia, about 20 or so wiped out. Still plenty left, but it reduced the pressure quite some.

As for the Red Tails, still at my house, but I plan on moving one to the Koi-Pond soon.
The Crystal Eyed Cat is in the main pond, a good 40cm and at first contact, Mr. T. being curious, he snarled at Mr. T. and chased him away...amazing, tiny fish and big

Busy with design and preparation for another pond. One of my customers wants the same. Construction of his factory is well on the way, will start construction of the pond around May this year.

Will open another thread on that some time later.