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Thread: plywood tanks

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    plywood tanks

    curious if anyone has built there own plywood tank and what the finished result is. thought it might be an interesting toppic to to the unlimited amount of ways to build.
    If you were to build one, how big and for what?
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    There are several threads here on AC about plywood tanks, both ending with success, and well, not so much.

    I have ben putting together a lan to build one sometime soon, in the 400 gal range.
    But thats a topic for another thread.
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    I built a 320 gallon tank in 2001 or 2002. I used the instructions and methods on the GARF website. I used oak veneer plywood, set it up as a planted tank, and it is beautiful if I do say so myself. My son used it a a senior high school woodworking project, and his shop teacher could not believe how well it turned out. It is very heavy, has been through 5 or 6 moves, and is built like a tank (no pun intended). I am just now setting it up again. Due to its size and weight, placement is a major issue.

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