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    What to have with an Angel?

    Getting ready soon to stock a planted 36 gallon bowfront - I'd like to have one or two angels. What will go along with them well? The LFS by me is a little limited .... some various small blue and yellow ciclids, (sorry, not sure what kind, I've never kept them), a wall of various goldfish (don't want) and the usual livebearers (platys, mollies, guppies). There were also some black finned tetras, some sharks, and some barbs, and gold and yellow gouramis.

    Any suggestions?
    36g bowfront, planted community
    10g planted ADF and guppy
    1.5g planted betta

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    Medium-sized tetras, livebearers, corys, rams, 'peaceful' barbs, rasboras, rainbowfish, most gouramis, bristlenose plecos, and otos (just to name a few). I would not even consider the yellow and blue cichlids as they are probably Malawi mbuna cichlids and are not compatible with the vast majority of freshwater tropical fish.

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    I've got angels with black neon tetras, red phantom tetras, oto's and corys. They all get along fine. Which is to say they pretty much ignore everyone but their own species. Aim to get different swimming levels for the fish; angels will go wherever they **** well please, but it's good to build in layers of swimming. Also, go with as big a school of one species as you can. Any small fish will look better / be happier with a group of same.

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