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    About Us

    INDOMAHSEER AQUACULTURE is an exotic tropical freshwater fish supplier based in Jakarta, Indonesia. We started in tropical freshwater fish business beginning as a mahseer fish enthusiast for about 5 years ago and grows into the first Mahseer fish supplier specialist in Indonesia. Nowadays we have fulfill our customer both local and international with focused in customer satisfaction and warm-personalized service.

    Our Services

    specialize or product range in Mahseer fish (Tor Sp.), Sultan Fish / Mad Barb / Cigar Barb (Leptobarbus Hoevenii), and occasionally Hampala Barb / Jungle Perch (Hampala Macrolepidota). Our stocks were captured in the wild arround Indonesia by our local catcher and held in our captivity to ensure the fish healthiness before we deliver to our customers.

    Live Guarantee

    As to fulfill our customers satisfactions, all purchase that made with INDOMAHSEER AQUACULTURE is covered with 2x24 Hour D.o.A warranty if there's any mortality occured upon received. Please note that customer should made receiving status reports on the first 2 hours after the airlines ETA schedule, please understand that any reports received more than 2 hours since the airlines ETA will not be considered.

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