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    Oh! I forgot to add that I also treated the tank with a round of erythromycin!

    By the way, thanks so much for the advice everyone! It looks like I've got a cyano-free tank

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    Killing all traces of cyano is a waste of time. In conditions are right it will grow, If conditions are wrong you can introduce all you want and it won't grow.
    Quote Originally Posted by elinore View Post
    I'm currently thinking that perhaps I will break down the tank and treat the plants with several doses of peroxide and a round of erythromycin. I think I'll get rid of my current gravel, dry the tank out, scrub it with peroxide, wash it thorougly and leave it dry for a week or so. When I set it back up, I'll just buy a new filter and start from scratch. I can use water from another tank to help cycle it, but I'm in no rush. Since I agree that the lighting is probably at least contributing to the problem, I think maybe I'll try some little floating surface plants to block the light, and if that's not enough I'll play around with the lighting more. I'll definitely leave it set up with plants only for awhile. Hopefully all this will be enough to kill any traces of the cyanobacteria!!!

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    I noticed I'm starting to get some Cyanobacteria on my substrate and decor (the tank is relatively new, only had it up and running fully for a couple weeks). I did a quick water change, but what can I do? My tank is planted, I would say moderately, and gets about 9 hours of light plus what comes in via ambient light through the window on the other side of the room. Could this ambient light help the Cyanobacteria out? Should I cut back the lights even more? Maybe put a tower over the tank glass during the day?

    My nitrates are a bit high, around 20-40 before the 20% water change (tap had 5ppm nitrate).

    I've also read that Cyano could be caused (or helped grow) by phosphates in tap water? Has anyone else heard of this before?

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