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    OK, I think I have a better picture of how the handles were set in this door. I think I'm not the only one that pictured a pair of vertical handles with both holes relatively close to where the two panels would've met in the doorway. It seems these handles were set "towel bar" style (parallel to the short ends)? If I'm right here, I'm thinking this can at best be a bottom pane that can't be drilled. 5 inches on either end is a lot to compensate for/cover up but that's your call. I know I make lots of compromises (I call it getting creative) when I come across free stuff, but it's an aesthetics thing in the end. Regardless of what type of glass, you should be able to patch the holes in a snap. Any glass shop should be able to supply 3/8" square patches you can just silicone in place. The majority of glass shops don't work with 1/2", but a few do. I can't comment on how tempered vs hi-impact differ, but if you go the glass patch route, the guy at the glass shop should be able to give you a 3 sentence answer for free. As for carrying it vertically, the company a couple of stories above my office moved out a couple of years ago and I saw them carrying out the glass doors. What happened to the one they carried out horizontally was both funny and scary at the same time.

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    Comedy of misunderstanding yet again lol But no matter lol The holes don't concern me too much as could always be plugged was hoping there would be some creative ideas on how to utilize them.?? I put a grinder on the metal at the top and bottom and got quite a fireworks display so they are definitely SS rather than aluminum. Could certainly use that in Fw particularly since it doesn't lap around the the edge Could coat it with polymer or fiberglass resin . Glass co. want 75 bucks x 2 to cut them off . That's 3/4 inch thick btw. Was thinking of making the tank 78 inches to exactly accomodate the panel, and cover the exterior with tile work. Thinking of building the stand directly into the the box to strebgthen and of course elevate it to viewing height.
    I built one many years ago using EPDM polymer (pond liner } sandwiching it between the panels. It failed not from leaks as you might suspect but a failure of the plywood on onr short end. I'm rather stoked to try this again but with a MUCH better grade of pplywood lol The tank will be setup out in the garden so will plan on electrical and plumbing.. I'm think
    78x30 with the 30 inch depth as this would fit into a block wall. Anyway thanks for the help!!! gary

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