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Thread: Homeless Toad

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    Homeless Toad

    Lets say I have a friend who caught two little toads from an apartment complexes landscaping and kept them in a 20 gallon with no filter a couple inches of water and two goldfish. Lets say said friend got kicked out from an amazing amount of houses and frogs and fish were homeless. Lets say goldfish (commits I believe) are in my 80 now growing a bit, they are super small still, until they can go live in a 130 with other goldies. And now we get to the fun part. The smaller of the toadletts died but the larger one is still growing. They are some sort of native toad to the sacramento area. He/She is currently in my Firebelly toad habitat but is getting to big to stay there. What do I do with him? I know it is bad to release him back into the wild since he could potentially take disease with him but he cant stay forever in my firebelly house. What should I do with him? I would give him away but don't think he would ship well or even know how to ship him. Anyone have advice? OR want to come get him?

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    A picture for identification would be useful so we know what exactly were looking at as far as your situation goes. Some toads don't get that big others do.

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    yea a pic would help, and most american toads only need water to breed. I had an american toad for 2 years with green anoles until he started eating them.

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