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    Post dwarf cichlids from south america

    i recently got my first tank which lead to two then three. I come to realize that i am a bit obsessed with dwarf cichlids such as apistogrammas, microgeophagus, dicrossus, and nannacara. here is a link of some of the pictures that i took of them.

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    Nice looking fish! I can't click to enlarge the pics, but N. anomola is in there, right? I love the of the most stunning fish you can keep IMHO.

    I'm a huge dwarf cichlid fan. Over the years, I've kept N. anomola, Bolivian rams, L. curviceps and dorsigera, and also shellies and dwarf africans of various stripes (kribs, African Butterfly cichlids, N. multifasciatus, N. brevis, N. caudopunktatus, J. transcriptus). I think that it. I love dwarf cichlids - and paradise fish which I find have similar behaviors.


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    I have a soft spot for dwarves, too. I don't have any tanks for them, though. So I'll just admire yours.

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