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Thread: Shark help

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    Shark help

    If I bought a black banded bamboo shark egg and hatched it in my 125 gallon aquarium how long could I keep it in there before having to upgrade

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    I have personally raised them to 30" in a year and a half. That's too big for your tank.

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    They need a very large tank very quickly. At least a 300 gallon. They may not be as active as other fish but they are still very large. I have a friend who hatched one in a 55 gallon and it's now in a 300 gallon.

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    The Brown Banded Bamboo grows to about 40", and averages at least 36". I've seen what a 3ft long bamboo shark in a 300 gallon tank looks like. And in truth - even a 300 gallon tank is TOO small. For life - a 3 ft long Bamboo needs at least a 750 gallon tank or pond.

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