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Thread: Coral catfish

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    Coral catfish

    Is a 90 gallon aquarium big enough for 2 coral catfish

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    No experience with them but...

    ^From that

    "Juvenile coral catfish form amazing and beautiful schools, and do not do well when separated. They may hide themselves and stop eating. Since they must be kept in groups and grow quite large as adults, they must be reserved for the largest home aquaria. As the Coral Cat matures, it begins to lose its schooling behavior.

    The Coral Catfish should be kept with caution because its spines are venomous."

    I wouldn't go solely by a retailer's tank size recommendation (although live aquaria is a reputable site). At 1', they are going to be a big fish for a 90 gallon. I would definitely want to do some more research.
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    Stupid, ugly fish, with no redeeming characteristics as an adult. Don't be fooled by the cute little ball of juvies schooling in dealers' tanks. They get big, solitary, drab, and they hide. And to answer your question a 90 is big enough for 2, as long as you don't intend on adding much else in the way of bioload. But to put that effort and expense into a couple of juvies and have them turn into the turds they inevitably become makes little sense to me. If it makes sense to you, knock yourself out, or better yet seek professional help!

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