I've recently received from Bangkok two pairs purportedly of Betta smaragdina. Currently spawning away. One of the males corresponds well with what I've expected; the other is maroon, without the iridescent centers to the body scales. Also handsome, I'd admit. But that wasn't my purpose. The two females seem just a bit too gorgeous: iridescent blue-green body scales with maroon fins. Not like the drab tan females with horizontal darker stripes Ialways see in photos, in books and on the Net. Is that drab coloration merely their "fright coloration" Or do I have mongrel hybrids?

Is anyone keeping good species Betta smaragdina? Documented source locations? Is there any source from B. smaragdina's native waters in northeast Thailand? For species Betta, Bangkok may be the transshipping point, but it also seems like a sump of hybrids. Am I right in this, or cynical?