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    you are going to have to do daily water changes on that 10 gallon, and monitor the ammonia and nitrite, until it cycles. get that test kit asap.
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    Four Bettas in a 10 gallon tank? I guess if you must, but you really will need to monitor their water daily and do daily water changes to keep levels of ammonia undetectable, and then nitrite which will follow that, in days or weeks, undetectable - by doing water changes to accomplish that.

    +1 What BFM just said, and what everybody else said. Daily water changes on a 10 gallon tank takes very little time. I think if you get an API Master liquid test kit and test your water you are going to be astonished at how much ammonia your fish are living in.

    No one is trying to bash you: it's just frustrating when you are asking for help and people are just trying to help you and your fish by telling you the truth.

    Your Bettas can't tell you their skin and gills are burning, and, yes, they can live like that for quite a while, some longer than others, but what a life. As was mentioned finrot is a direct result of poor water quality.

    Also, as mentioned, if the temperature of the water change is more than 2 degrees different (and I think even that's too big a difference) than the water they are in, yes, that would be very stressful and, in fact, can have serious health consequences.

    The only motive of the people that have been responding to this thread is to help you and your fish, sincerely. I'm still a noobie, myself, but I've learned from the greater experience of the fish keepers here on AC. I hope you take the advice in the spirit it is offered.

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    I for one, think we're all being baited, since they have another stupid thread in the General Freshwater forum. However:

    Vincenia, all you need to do is take a little bit of time out of your day to do a water change. I'm cycling my 30 gallon right now, and even though all it has is a few dozen MTS in it, I do a 30% water change every day, because that's what's necessary. It takes, what, maybe 20 minutes?
    Also, about the amount of tank space you have for all of those bettas: I think that you have WAY underestimated the price of aquaria. In fact, the only really cheap thing that you'll end buying is that 10 gallon. $10? Skip dinner one night. There, cost justified. In my 10 gallon, I have $300 of snails. SNAILS! Hell, I've spent $300 on plants, just for a different 10. I think that if you can't properly care for your fish, you should rehome them with someone who knows how to treat them right.

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