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    Of it is getting bigger it is most likely a fungal disease, those can be hard to treat. Good luck!

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    I'm sorry to hear your moor died. Parrot fish need warm temps around 80 degrees for optimum health, so you are going to have to make some choices. You cannot keep all those fish in the same tank, they simply aren't compatible.
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    Since another fish is showing symptoms, I would treat for at least another week. I 100% agree with finsnfur, and everybody else who has told you that you cannot keep these fish together. It may appear alright, short term, but it really is damaging to the animals.
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    thanks for all the help everyone. ive found homes for all but one goldfish, the white and orange facy thats at about four inches. ive raised my temp in the aquarium to 80f in favor of my tropicals. ive added a ten inch air stone so the goldfish can have more oxygen but is it possible for him to survive at this temp? the three parrotfish seem to be doing much better, they are feeding more and establishing territoty. all signs of ich are gone but im still treating.

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