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    Exclamation ivy in aquariums

    I rently purchased some tre ivy, ive seen pictures on google of others growing ivy out of their aquariums but is this safe for the fish? are there any benifits? rifght now I have on bush of ivy banded to my aquarium to where only the roots are in the watrr, is this okay?

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    It depends on the species of ivy. I'm assuming you are talking about either pothos vine or philodendron. Either of these would be fine. As for it being safe, as long as you have washed the soil out it shouldn't be an issue. Benifits are usually just how the tank looks but they can help greatly in taking up extra nitrate to prevent algae.

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    I am guessing the same as was stated above with the plant choice. There are many here who use them.
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    I start my pothos cuttings in the HOB filter of my planted 20. just open the acces hatch and stick the cutting in. in a few weeks when I go to change the filter the cutting has grown a few leafs and has long... plantable roots
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