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    Is this a decent power head?

    I am lookin to buy a few power heads for my new SW tank.

    It's a marineland maxi jet 1200

    I have a 46 gal and I would get 2 of them for $50

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    If you can afford to pay a little extra I'd suggest going with Koralias of the same range or slightly smaller.

    The Maxi-Jets aren't completely horrible, but you get what you pay for.
    1) No magnetic holder. The suction cups work, but you have to push them back down every so often (mine need it a couple times a month) otherwise they'll fall off.
    2) They are a bit cheaply made now. They won't necessarily fall apart, but they do break easily.
    3) They are big. The Koralias aren't a whole like smaller in direct numbers, but their shape is better. The shape of the MJ's makes them seem bigger where figuring out placement.

    They get the job done, but if I have to replace any of my Maxi-Jet it'll be with Koralias or something similar with a magnetic holder (JBJ, Tunze, etc.).
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