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    Paradise fish morphing color

    I got a pair of Black Paradise fish last week and they are awesome!! Theyre still young so their color is very light. I was reading that they have the ability to change their color semi camouflage style, depending on what color substrate they were over or their BG. I thought it was ridiculous, but Im watching ti with my own eyes now. I have light river stones as the substrate, so he will swim around more of a reddish brown. when he hangs out over the sponge filter he slowly turns very dark. At this point I almost feel like he knows hes doing it. He'll sit on a ledge of my driftwood staring into it, slowly getting darker, then promptly turn around a go swimming around wonce hes very dark. After his color has gone he'll go right back to it, turn colors and go swimming. WTF?!?! haha Ill try to get a video of it today, but its cracking me up so far.

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    sounds cool, at least he is swimming tho.....
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    many fish will try to blend in to their environment as much as possible, so your paradise fish going darker near the sponge filter doesn't surprise me at all, especially since it is a juvenile fish and feels vulnerable in a new environment.

    my 11 inch tiger oscar (orange and black) will go a light grey in his black parts when i take away the black tank background and expose the white wall behind.
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