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    Bolivian ram growth rate

    My two new rams have grown at an incredible rate since Saturday... It's actually unbelievable. Do they usually grow quickly? They seem to have grown nearly a cm in 5 days..... Ps I totally understand why people love rams, so interesting to watch.

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    They're late bloomers, but once of a certain size, do seem to grow rather quickly. I have 6 juveniles, one year olds, that are still the size of a medium platy!

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    I'm amazed at this too. I bought 2 very little ones in early December hoping to have 2 females for my 2 males. Less than 3 weeks later they had eggs. Since then, the littlest I believe to be the female has barely grown while the other newcomer has grown alot! but still acts like a female. The eggs produced at least 100 fry but only 3 survived as I wasn't prepared. The new fish were so little I had no idea I'd have eggs so soon. At 2 months old, there is a significant difference in their size. Maybe their growth has to do with the sex of the fish. Hmmmm.....

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