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    If anyone is worried about small fish accidentally getting sucked into a Python you can secure some mesh material over the siphon's mouth with a rubberband or two. The spaces in the mesh only needs to be big enough to let the debris through and your tiny fish will be safe. That should work!

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    I use the AquaVAC by might be more than Python, not sure. I love it. Have had one for atleast 4 years and makes water changing and vac very quick. This one also has a cover over the end that allows debri to pass but not fish even if small. Plus at the end of the chamber there is another screen to be double sure.
    Good luck

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    AH, I just had a long post and got that stupid 500 internal server error. In short, I am planning on buying this and getting the hose and fittings to make it fit both of my gravel vacs. If it fails, I only paid like $30 for everything at most. But the reviews say it breaks easy. They probably dont have enough hose and are tugging on it all the time without knowing. (that is my guess anyway). People who have the full system say it is fine.

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    i would get a 100foot syphon that hooks up to a sink an try that it works good for me
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    Quote Originally Posted by rufioman View Post
    I change the water on my 100g with a 5g bucket...builds some serious muscle. Kidding...mostly.

    Strangest thing is, I do use buckets and it does build up muscle. Not enough that I don't want to be lazy and take everyones advice on getting a Python though
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    Welcome to Ikebukuro, watch out for flying vending machines.

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