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    Corner Filter

    Are there any good corner filters that dont require the use of an air pump? My air pump creates such a painful hum and rumbling that it bugs my roommates and myself, something I do not want running 24/7.

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    well you could hook a power head to a sponge filter
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    Can you post a picture of the corner filter you have or a link to it? Might help for more options available to you.

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    Sounds like you just need a quieter air pump. What kind do you have?

    This is the quietest and powers up to a 10 gallon tank, you can always get a valve to adjust the flow also:

    To answer your question though, I don't know of any corner filters that don't need an air pump. They are designed to be driven by air, so they need an air pump to work. There are power sponge filters which you can use with a small powerhead, or you could just get an internal filter like a Whisper 10i, or a Fluval U1 and call it good...

    The Whisper 3i needs an air pump, and the tiny one it provides is surprisingly loud for its size.

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