I have a complete saltwater aquarium for sale. I am parting it out. Prices are:

45 lbs live rock, has some red slime on it but has been in the tank for 5 years. $150
Bak Pak 2 protein skimmer with pre skimmer and powerhead $75
Current USA Gamma UV.....does not work, either the bulb is bad or the ballast is. The power head works perfect. $20
Marineland Emperor 400 Power Filter with extra media works great. $40
Black stand with 2 doors for storage. $50
40lbs of crushed coral....take it for free if you buy the live rock
2 gold and black chromis...take it free if you buy something else.
55 gallon glass tank with glass covers. take it free if you buy something else.

I also have random other stuf..food, media, decorations, etc
I am looking to get rid of this stuff fast and I will make deals especially if you buy more than one thing.
email me and let me know what you want.