Hey guys so I have had my cherry shrimp for a few months now and when I bought the 10 of them locally I got 3 berried females who kept their eggs hatches and those all grew up. But since then I have only seen one berried female (yes I have both boys and girls) and have been stunted at like 40 shrimp or so. They are in a 10gal, sponge filtered tank with subwassertang moss, and alot of java moss as well as a cave for hiding. Iv only had one die on me in the whole time I have had them. They are also in the tank with blue mystery snails and Red ramshorns (both of which have been breeding rapidly). I have no snail deaths either. I feed the tank every other day and I have a cuttlebone in the water now for calcium. I do a 40% WC about every week and a half taking all the junk out of the substrate. The water parameters are perfect as of two days ago (use API master freshwater test kit). Im just a little confused as to why they arnt breeding? I know its possible as I have had the one wave of babies in my tank all or most of which survived... Any thoughts or ideas?

Also important:
The tank is approx 75 deg, it is not heated but only goes from about 73-77 as the air/heat is set at 75. (thermometer is always in tank).
Feed them hikari algae wafers.
It is a shrimp and snail only tank so no aggression or loss due to eating eachother.
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