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    Anyone moving/moved away for college?

    What happens to the fishies at home?
    Are you going to give up fishkeeping for the next few years?
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    Had a 30 and 55g originally and then downsized to a 15g for my dorm. After moving off campus I had a 20 long last year but now just a 10g to save time.

    Being 6-6.5 hours away and in no way trusting of my family to properly take care of them I was forced to downsize. At this point I'm contemplating whether I will have one next year. I'm too busy and my tank looks like crap. I almost didn't get one this year but I got sucked in...
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    I moved out of my parent's place 3 years ago for college and I have been renting rooms (living off campus, been stuck at community college so no dorms). I only have the smaller sized tanks so it's been easy (a 10, 15, and 30g) and I have been just renting rooms that the landlord gives an ok. In fact 2/3 of my places didn't even allow pets, I would ask right before signing the lease if "smaller" fish tanks were ok and both said yes, the first told me to put plastic under in case of a leak and the other just wanted a deposit in case of water damage that gets returned when I move out if there wasn't any. So no issues so far, just had to stick with smaller tanks

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