Snagged a pair of these today. Sounds like the females are actually the one's with more color? Guy at the lfs got me a male and female. The female I picked out, was the most colorful fish in the tank. Brightly colored yellow. Anyone have experience with these fish, can share info/pictures etc?

They're sitting comfortably in my Q tank for now for the next few weeks. They're small at the moment, maybe an inch or two, hoping they really color up though. I went with these over the Apistogramma bitaeniata, Apistogramma iniridae, and the Apistogramma viejita... they seemed the best looking in the shop. Hope I didn't make a mistake. He also had some sweet looking wild Dwarf Pike Cichlids that I passed up as well... I couldn't find enough info on them before visiting the shop. But wow were they sleek looking.