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    question about live rotifers......

    i have a pair of mating clowns thery have been breeding since oct..i have been trying to save some of the babies..i have used frozen rotifers, live brine shrimp..frozen cyclopeze..and some other coral foods..i have just started useing live rotifers..i found that the food to feed the rotifers is more exspensive than the rotifers..i was wondering if i could buy a pack of live rotifers and add them to the fry tank every week..or will they die with in that week?does anyone have any suggestions on the best way of raising them without it costing me alot of money? please help...and thank you...

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    wish I could help but have no idea , best of luck raising some fry, keep us posted if you have any luck

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    Maybe this will help? Keep us posted in hoping to raise some myself

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