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    shrimp or crayfish

    is their any FW shrimp or crayfish that are good for a community setting?

    i was thinking something like a bamboo shrimp,

    had a fiddler crab but had to give him away because the tank is not brackish (was a Christmas gift), so was thinking about FW crawfish, knowing how aggressive lobsters are, and knowing that crayfish are close relatives their probably cant mix though?

    the threat fish would be a butterflyfish, a feather-fin syno (5 inches), 2 silver dollars, and a angle fish (as far as being big enough to eat a larger shrimp)

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    Cambarellus patzcuarensis sp. "Orange" would be Perfect

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    Are the fish listed the fish that will be in the tank? If so a CPO doesn't stand a chance against any of them.
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    There are a wide range of temperaments, when it comes to crayfish species. Most full size (6+ inches) tend to be more predatory. This is not 100%, but it can change at any time. Dwarf crayfish are much more peaceful, some show moderate predatory tendencies, others none at all. FYI, lobster solely refers to saltwater animals. There are no freshwater lobsters, they are all crayfish.

    Bamboo shrimp (and all filter feeding shrimp) require a very strong water current to feed effectively. This means something like a powerhead inside the tank. They also need an environment that has been active, and healthy for at least six to nine months. FYI, filter feeders have no way to defend themselves, and are extremely placid.

    You have listed some fish that are aggressive shrimp hunters. I agree with petluvr, it wouldn't be a good idea to keep any shrimp or dwarf crayfish (that you wish to survive) in that tank. This is particularly true of CPO as they tend to be more expensive. Why spend money on live food for your fish.

    It may be possible to house some crayfish in your tank, but you would need many very good hiding places for the inverts. Even so, it is unlikely that the crayfish would thrive, due to stress and predation.
    Still, way too many tanks to list, really.

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