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    How to automated LED dimmer? (electronics experts plz)

    Hey all,

    Just a little question for the electronics experts out there that I am a bit confused on....

    using Meanwell dimmable drivers (and I believe BuckPucks are similar, etc) they have the stanard V+ V- lines for power; and then they have a separate Dim+ Dim- line that sends the reference voltage for dimming purposes.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong! What happens is that the AC comes from the wall, to the driver. Here, the driver puts out the set current, but as the signal voltage changes the driver changes its output current accordingly.


    Is it possible to make a DIMMABLE LED unit that is dimmed directly from the AC source (ie using an EcoZone

    Thanks for your help and please be technical in your reply

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    I don't believe it's possible to use that unit for what you want.
    There are several threads on using Ardunio control units to run LED fixtures. You can setup a dawn through sunset if you want.
    Here are two of the best I've read.

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    You would have to use a controller that puts out a 0-10 volt signal for the meanwells. The controller that rapidled sells works well.

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