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    @ fishorama - both of my kids have 20's (my sons tank is on here too). They're both into nature and aquatic habitat's and such so they really didn't want the "kid's decor with "the clown puke gravel and the spongebob figurines".

    I gave them some plant options of what I found here on the classifieds and at other forums classifieds - they picked what they liked. We talked about fish and what would work together and what should be in a school etc, then they made their choices. They picked out their own driftwood peices. They are getting well educated in this hobby and both like it. They help with tank maintenance, water changes etc. they both feed and fertilize their tanks every day.

    They over feed sometimes like any kid would, but all in all, they do a good job and I'm pretty proud of their efforts.


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    I love it!

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    Tank looks great. I love how richly planted it is and how natural it looks. Nice piece of driftwood too.

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