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    Hello!! New here! Just bought my first Betta from aquabids!

    Hello everybody!! I have always been a Betta lover, my mother always had a few in the house when I was growing up, all from walmart or some nearby store, all veiltales, and all sad looking, but in a beautiful way Went to her house about a month ago and saw one of her new ones, a male with barely any tail, do not have a clue how that happened, and decided to try to find a much more elaborate Betta for myself. Havent had one myself in about 6 or 7 years. Bought Leonidas "Leo" from a breeder in Missouri. here is a pic of him. He listed him as a Red and Gold Dragon moontail, and in pictures thats what he looks like, but he is actually red with more a seafoam green. I sadly put him in a tank I had lying around from my old college days, a little 1 gallon with a light and small air filter, no heater. Bad idea, he just sat at the bottom of the tank all lethargic. SOOOO I went and bought him a 5 gallon tank, with heater, and got it cranked up to 80, and now he is as happy and lively as can be! Lots of space and he loves it! Absolutely hooked, and will probably go Betta crazy now! I have the Betta bug!
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    Welcome to AC!

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    welcome to the forum. Thats a beautiful betta.

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