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    Heyooo starting a freshwater fish tank soon. ( black ghost knife fish?)

    Hello Im starting a 20 gallon fish tank soon and eventually would like to get a biggerrl one once it's the way I'd like it to be and I've got the amount of fish I'd like. I have a few questions for you that have first hand experience: how many fish could you fit in a 20 gallon and what are some cool community Fish? Im interested in the unique weird and freaky Fish. The cute ones too
    Does anyone have experience with black ghost knife fish or African butterfly fish? I have a 20 long BTW. How long would I be able to keep a BGK in a 20 long if at all? And could I house a Africa butterfly in a 20 long? Also how long should I cycle the tank Bette. Can get fish? Thanks guys!

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    for cycle info look up fishless cycling. As far as the fish I am a big proponent of if you don't already have the final tank a fish is going to go in don't get it, because you never know what will come up that keeps you from getting the bigger tank someday.

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