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    im a begineerand i need help badly !

    hi everyone, i am a brand new 30 gal saltwater beginner

    well i think from the prices i have seen on the internet for the things i bought to start up, i have been taken already. so i am looking for guidance and knowledgeable peers to help me. so anyone who can help me i really need it, and deeply appreciate it !

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    Fire away. What do you have so far?
    SG = 1.024-6; Alkalinity 8.3-9.3 dKH; Calcium 420; Magnesium 1300; Temp = 76 to 80; pH = 7.9-8.3. Alkalinity and calcium are dependent on Mg.

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    And where are you located? If someone is local to you, it can be a big help to guide you through it.

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