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    Help my Angelfish!!

    So, i went to a fish auction that was about 4 hours from my house. i ended up with an angelfish and i did my best to keep him alive until i got back home, but that entailed an overnight stay. I set up a temp tank with clean, distilled water, heater, and air pump. (i know this isn't ideal, but it's better than keeping them bagged up). so in the morning, i bagged them, and drove them home. by the time he got to my tank, one side of his gills were showing bright red (he's a koi). i acclimated him into the tank, and he was lethargic at best. in the morning, he was upside down on the bottom of the tank, but alive. I moved him to a breeder box hanging on the side of the 55gal and put him somewhere where he'd get a little bit of flow through the tank. He's gone from upside-down.. to laying on his side, to swimming upright, although still really lethargic. he won't take food. I'm desperate to try and nurse him back to health, but i don't know if this is a patience thing, or if there's something i can be doing for him. the water is at 82 degrees and it's a well established, well cycled tank. I'm opperating under the assumption that i'm dealing with an ammonia overdose of sorts... but i noticed this morning that theres a 'cloud' type thing around one of his lower fins... any help would be appreciated. I can't stand to see this little guy die!

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    The red gills do sound like an ammonia problem. The 'cloudy' fin could possibly be mucus hyperproduction, which can occur due to transportation stress. How's the poor guy doing today?

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