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    outflow tubing from 1" to 5/8"

    Im blaming the fact that im tired and it is 1:13, so ill be going to bed shortly- I need information on how to turn the 1" tube from a canister outflow into a single 5/8" tube, my searching in this tired state is getting me nowhere and confusing me... what is the connector called? whats it look like? how is it done? etc... thanks!

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    here's one way...

    you'll need hose clamps with that.

    5/8 tubing should fit right over that 3/4 end if you boil a pot of water and heat it in there until it's pliable first. once you get it over, set it to cool or run it under cool water to cool it faster. once it's cool, it should be a good, snug fit that won't leak. i'd still use the hose clamps per mfr's suggestion for extra precaution in this case, though.

    here's another option...

    still 3/4", so you're still going to have to heat the 5/8" hose up some.

    that is some serious flow reduction, though. i might reconsider that if it were me.
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