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    guidance with angel fish please

    I have a 29 gal, and a 36 BF, I am getting a 37 gal. If I get 5 juvi angels to start in the 37, if I get a pair would I be able to put 2 angels in the 36 BF, and 1 angel in the 29 and leave the pair in the 37 and add fish around the pair? I will adjust tank mates as needed.

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    Yes, with caution. You never know what is going to happen with angels. So, it s a good idea to have alternate plans. For example, after my blue pair spawns, the female beats up on the male relentlessly. I have to remove him from the tank. So, I always have an extra or an idea of where I am going to put him. So, just have back-up plans....anothe tank, take to LFS...give to a friend.

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