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Thread: Vivarium help

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    Vivarium help

    Hi all i was wondering if i should put play sand on top of my aquarim stones then top soil or other way around.? My Vivarium is for PVC and some other critters when i can figure what i can put in with them.If you have any ideas please let me know. Aswell what kind of fish can i put in the water part it may be about 2 gallons.

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    no sand in a vivarium, unless it's strictly underwater.

    you want to use a draining substrate first, like stones or hydroton. then a layer of window screen. then a layer of good vivarium soil like ABG Mix (atlanta botanical gardens mix) or you can substitute something like plantation soil/coco fiber mixed with some bark and charcoal, but ABG is cheap and perfect. Then, cover any areas that aren't planted lightly with leaf litter.

    2 gallons of water is a bit small for most fish, especially if it's shallow as I imagine... I'd suggest maybe trying a mexican dwarf cray fish, or shrimp, or maybe micro rasbora if it's deep enough.

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