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LED aquarium lights can make the tube a super white light,make the water transparent and clear.By the way, LED aquarium lights can promote the aquatic plants photosynthesis,then,the aquatic plants will grow better.LED grow lights apply to water depth in 50 ~ 60 cm of the aquatic plants to grow,the effect is perfect.Some LED aquarium lights’s lighting such as the sunshine, it is Suitable for fish and aquatic plants to grow. LED aquarium lights have a strong light lamp permeability,it makes the fish more colorful.

The red light(LED aquarium lights) can help fish grow healthy.When the light illuminate the fish,the colors are bright .The effect of the red light on the red fish is much better,especially suitable for the red goldfish, angelish,blood parrot.

The blue light(LED aquarium lights):When the water is illuminated by the light, the color will change blue,such as the seawater.The effect of the blur light on the corals, shrimps,etc is much better.The blue light can promote corals to absorb the calcium , synthetic vitamin D3, make its healthy growth.