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    Mystery snail out of water?

    So one of my mystery snails was completely out of the water this morning when I got up. All morning she/he has been crawling around the top of the tank until about 30 minutes ago she found a spot at the back of the tank,the very top,and she has just been sitting there since.I don't know what she/he is doing.Is she going to dry out or something? Should I put her back in the tank? Oh, and some time last month my big mystery snail was "riding" her/him around the tank.I don't know what to do.
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    Well, the riding around last month........was a male riding your female.....and yes he was performing snoro. Now to your current issue. Which by the way may very well have something to do with the snoro you witnessed. Mystery snails have a "lung" and can and do leave the water for short periods of time. Now you don't want them actually leaving the tank because they can not live forever out of the water. Mystery snails lay their eggs above the water line. The eggs will stay there for about 3 weeks (unless removed by you) and then they will hatch and all of the little snailettes will fall into the tank. If you do not want more snails and if you find this big glob looking thing that kind of looks like a bunch of itty bitty pink to white pin size grapes, remove it and freeze it. If you want more snails just leave it there and you will have more.
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    My Mystery Snail goes above the water line on occasion. The only thing I worry about is him wandering to far and not being able to make it back into the water in time. But, I guess they are smarter than that.

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    I would just toss it back in after a stern talking to. =D

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