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    interesting thread. I just started a saltwater tank and have something wierd living in my live rock. it lives in a small hole that goes back into the rock about an inch, and during the day I will find this brown stuff coming out of the hole. It does not look silt, more like fish poop, but I don't have any fish or inverts in the tank yet. when I got rid of the stuff the first few times I saw it, I saw something move back into the rock, but I could not see it well. I am thinking some type of worm, I hope it's nt harmful. any ideas? I am really new at saltwater, thanks for the help!

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    This is a list of what came with my liverock:-

    A common hairy crab - I hope thats the only one. He sucks. Bit off a portion of my Gorgonian today. Jerk.
    At least 6 other small brown crabs
    A light green anemone
    A black slug thing
    Tons of assorted little snails
    A red flower tree soft coral &
    Probably tons of other stuff i have not discovered yet!

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    Why are all the older post X d out and are not available to see? Only got to see a few photos that were attachments. Would have really liked to have seen them all.

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    Because the image has expired on the image site or removed. Great post though with all the hitchhikers. Some stuff there I've never seen before.


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