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    Im coming back...

    After my hiatus over there in the cichlid section i'm coming back to the planted tank! Of course my inspiration this time was Amano's tanks, ive been reading his articles in TFH magazine and cant seem to get enough. Setting up a 30 gallon planted. So far i've got Laterite substrate, aquaclear 200, heater, and 2 flourescent tube lights. Im not sure which lighting will be best.... for my last planted tank i used those hagen "Flora-Glo" lights made for plants. Are the Coralife ones better? I didnt really like the light the Hagen ones cast, it was kinda yellow. I'll also be adding a CO2 injector.

    See yah around :p



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    Don't worry about the fancy names and the kelvin rating of the bulbs. As long as the wattage is sufficient it'll benefit the plants, so buy what looks nice to you.

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    You have alot of tanks, must have cost alot. They look nice. Is that a upside down coconut in your 10 gal Krib breeding tank? Not exactly a smiley face is it? :beat: -Even though you probably already bought the light, compact flos work much better for plants, but....... you already new that.

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