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    Wow, how big do Mystery snails get? What is this arm like thing coming from it?

    Last night I saw what I could only describe as an arm coming from my black Mystery Snail. He's gotten huge over the last month I've had him, how big will he be when full grown? I saw a pair at my LFS, and they had to altleast be the size of tennis balls. How long will it take for him to get that big, if at all?

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    That arm like thing is a respiratory organ used to get atmospheric air from under the water surface. Think of it as a snorkel.

    This is used by some snails whose respiratory system is not completely underwater oriented.
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    Yep, just a breathing syphon...Do you have a pic of your mystery snail??? May be a Cana, not a brig...Canas can reach baseball size and will mow down a planted tank in a couple of days...The "mystery snail" or Brig wont eat live plants...

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    I saw some in the LFS the size of baseballs for $6

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