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    Thinking about convertin my 240 salt tank to a freshwater tank

    I have been a big fan of saltwater aquariums now for about 4 years and have kept several successful,

    but I was thinking about converting my 240 gallon tank to a freshwater tank ,

    Some of the reasons i was thinking about doing this is becasue with freshwater you can generally have more fish in the aquarium .

    The fish usually arent as expensive as marine fish tend to be.

    I have a 55 gallon freshwater tank right now with a emperor 400 filter and a millenium 3000 filter, and I have that aquastone marine sand ( its for freshwater, not calcium based ) that is white , and its PRETTY and it stays clean , unlike I would have though , it also stays white.

    I was thinking about keeping a stingray , the petstore says they can get me in a brown sting ray with dark brown spots , that is about 4 inches wide,

    Are stingrays very active?

    i also wanted to keep some other fish

    maybe some tiger barbs, guppies, gouramis, a ropfish definatly, and maybe some other things

    what kind of filtration would I need to have on my 240 gallon tank to support a system like this

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    All your questions have been answered in this other thread yourself started

    Don't do multiple threads in one topic., It's hard for us to give advice this way and also difficult for you to keep track of the opinions.
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